The show was very popular, some jokes of its characters became extremely popular among the people, and the characters themselves turned into symbols for example, Ravshan and Dzhamshut - foreign workers having come to Russia. The story of four girls from Saratov who hav come to win the capital and are renting one apartment for all is not original, this romantic comedy with some elements of melodrama does not contain anything unusual for this kind of movie, but its heroines attract the attention of the young, mostly female audience: Together with them, such stars of the Russian cinema as Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Valery Barinov, as well as some young actors, and many TV and media professionals were invited to participate. In several months, the whole team that worked over the sitcom got famous in Perm as well as in all the country. This character also actually became notorious among the people, having become a symbol of a negligent worker. Within the audience of 6—54 years old, the series also showed the attention of an impressive per cent of people: The share in the youth audience from 18 to 30 years old made Its first season started on January 1, , the series attracted the attention of the audience, but failed to repeat the resounding success of the "Cops".

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With exclusive access, this is a gripping investigation into an urgent crisis led by the brave, teenage sisters who sacrifice their own safety to save others from the same fate. They've mind manipulated our children and generation after generation for millenia. I liked the acting, it looked extremely real: It's bright, loud and funny. All students know that without jokes and ridiculous situations, studying and living in a hostel are impossible. Any queries, please contact us at: The new channel was also initially founded as a network, focusing primarily on the interests of the regional viewers. Now a camera operator follows him everywhere, filming his life, work and friends, and the only requirement for Kolyan is to live honestly. This character also actually became notorious among the people, having become a symbol of a negligent worker. This world is just as cruel as the former one, but more hypocritical Disease is an informational cause that initiates communication.. I saw people who are quite well off, feeling comfortable with the existing lifelifestylederstand its laws and avoiding any sort of conflict with it. We inform the actor: Bykov regularly "mocks" at a foreign colleague, and in one of the first episodes, having learned that the tiresome intern Levin, just like House, is going to treat rare and complex illnesses, he comes back with a question: After the operation, the doctor with heavy boots on and a pack of " Marlboro " in his hand, went out and asked: All the packages already belong to us. We do not want the "movie series" brand to be prolonged for ten years and more, we want to launch seasons, and then shoot a full-length movie based on this material. In "Made in Woman" there are jokes that you need to think about, and there is a pure clownry. Moreover, the observer of the magazine "The Art of Cinema" Olga Ganzhara agrees with the opinion Ivan Okhlobystin who plays the main part in the movie , that "The Interns" is more than just a traditional situational comedy, that it "has discovered a new genre — having something in common with a classic kind of TV series and a sitcom based on "an incredible playwriting material". In order to expand its reality show concept, a number of new programs, attributed by the channel's management to this type of shows, were introduced into the broadcast grid. The producer of the project is Lawrence Bender , a regular partner of Quentin Tarantino. Within the year, the channel supported 12 information campaigns concerning healthy lifestyles , the prevention of the AIDS , combating the tobacco and drug addiction , supporting donorship , inclusive education , counteracting human trafficking , etc. So we decided to show everything without embellishment. It's like watching the inhabitants of the sea depths. In this world, a University diploma can be bought if you have enough money And I'm interested in looking at people for whom such a life is quite common. And also for the first time I had the opportunity to act on the background of the so-called "green screens"

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