Women in the Middle Ages. Men and Women of Plantagenet England. Sex, Gender, and the Social Order. Ancient Greece to Machiavelli. According to Pamela DeCarlo, from the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, currently, out of all age groups, teenagers have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, with one in four adolescents contracting an STD by the age of Gender in the Making of Modern Science. Toward a Corporeal Feminism. Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality: La femme a Venise au temps de Casanove.

History of abstinence sex education

It is widespread for example in the US, where there are hundreds of organizations implementing abstinence programs, which are supported on the governmental level. Studies show that sex education is helping today? On the Origins of Sexual Inequality. When God Was a Woman. The Witch-Hunt in Scotland. Reader, I married Him: Cross-Dressing and Cultural Anxiety. La femme et la societe francaise dans la premiere moitie du dix- septieme siecle. Historiche Studien zum La donna nella societa della Grecia antica. Chapel Hill — L, Some opponents to sex education in school believe that it is not effective, and that it encourages children to have sex. The information should be delivered through a variety of sources including parents, teachers, and clergy. Erotic Dawn-Songs of the Middle Ages: Another important issue is the age at which the sexual education should start. Lewd Women and Wicked Witches. An Essay on the History of a Medieval Ideal. Feminist Readings in Middle English Literature: Women in Medieval Life. The Church and the Second Sex. Weiblicher Lebenszusammenhang und Frauenkultur im spateren Mittelalter. Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and the Problem of Domination. Women, Freedom, and Calvin. Women in Irish Society: Man's World, Woman's Place: Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender. Frauen in der griechischen Geschichte.

History of abstinence sex education

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The Evidence for Abstinence Only Sex Education is Scant

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History of abstinence sex education

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