Message from the Founding Chairman

Thank you for visiting the CCAJN Web Site. I hope that the information contained in this site (and links to other relevant sites) will be useful to you in acquiring an understanding of the problems facing Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia as a consequence of encompassing the Navy’s largest Master Jet Base and training (outlying) field. The primary objective of this site is to provide access to credible information concerning the adverse impacts of jet aircraft operations on residents living and/or working within high noise and accident potential zones associated with NAS Oceana and NALF Fentress. It is also intended to keep members, net surfers, and other interested parties up-to-date as to the progress being made to effect meaningful solutions.

CCAJN is a state registered, not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is education. If the adverse impacts associated with operating jet aircraft over a densely populated area are to be responsibly addressed and resolved, a well-informed, citizenry and elected officials, is critically necessary. CCAJN is both pro-Navy and pro-remedy. These are not mutually exclusive propositions.

CCAJN’s effort to implement meaningful solutions is not a surreptitious means of pressing for base closure. Indeed, the solutions that CCAJN seeks are a necessity to ensure the future viability of Oceana. Admiral Robert J. Natter, past Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet, in an open letter to community leaders and the media, recently acknowledged this “fact of life”. He “views an additional outlying field as the best solution for the Navy’s concerns and of our fellow neighbors in Hampton Roads.” The “second outlying field” solution has been CCAJN’s top priority for over three years. Hopefully, it is now the Navy’s!

To realize this remedy, a concerted effort by those who really want to make a difference is required. The Navy needs our support. Progress is rarely achieved in the “good ‘ol US of A” without the motivation of some political will. To this end, we must encourage Virginia’s congressional delegation to take a strong leadership role in promoting the “second Outlying Field solution.”

And, remember…Responsible dissent is…The True Sound of Freedom.

I hope I can count on your active participation in this effort.

Sincerely, John Shick